Games are a universal language. Why are they so important to us? Some people pretend that they are useless when others make a living from them. Let’s put some light over it. According to Wikipedia[i], the distinction between game, work, and art is not that clear. In fact, competition or satisfaction of an expectation merges these three concepts together in a messy blend. As one of the oldest form of social interaction[ii], if we add competition and goal achievement as they bring similar results, we could go in far more ancient times. We would discover that we are attracted by having a prize at stake, no matter what it is, as long as it represents a sufficient motivator for one of our layer[iii]. Turning it into a game is akin to a light version of the competition. Playing just for fun, to be part of the group, is something that we can do every day, as long as we have the motivation to join the game. But after all, aren’t the competitions all games?


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