Today is the national signing day in the US. For many Americans, this day represents a lot. Do you know why? Let’s see what it is all about. According to Wikipedia, National Signing Day [is] the first day that a high school senior can sign a binding National Letter of Intent for a collegiate sport with a school that is a member of the United States National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)[i]. As a parent, seeing your child’s efforts being recognized by others brings many emotions to the surface. First, as I said in my previous daily thought, we are kinda addicted to projections. This important event helps us getting confident about the future of our offspring. Next, even if this accomplishment of our child is their property, we indirectly generate some raw material to feed our self-esteem[ii] and even our self-actualization layer[iii]. For many, it represents a lot of sacrifice and investment in time and/or money. Seeing that achievement represent one of the strongest return on investment during a lifetime.


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