Today is the national weather person day in the US. Why are these people got their national day btw?? No clue? I may have the answer. Do you know that weather, as it was before the internet era, is one of the most popular topics[i]? Well, we don’t have to go too scientific to realize that. Weather, often blended with climate, is something that triggers passion. Why so? Well, it all brings us back to the good old security layer[ii]. Knowing how the weather behaves helps us feel secure. It can be related to our fear to suffer from being injured or of losing something in our physical need layer[iii]. We all want to be able to foresight the best we can, but when we don’t know where the data are and how to interpret them, we feel vulnerable. This is where the weather people come into play. They bring us this missing link to complete our appetite for projection, and this is exactly what they deliver, weather forecast. Whether it bad or peaceful, we prefer to know that being left in ignorance. So thank you to our weather special forces to brave the elements, rain or shine.


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