How music influence our mood

Today in Canada is trending a tag about a recent crime, but I will write about this another time. I would like to give time to bring some heal over this horrible event.

Music, music, music. Humans really like music. In my understanding, there is two kinds of music, the one that will remain and the one that will fade over time. But why is that ? Let’s try to think about it. The more we study about music, the more feel that it has its connection with mood and emotions. That's not surprising, but being able to explain this phenomenon could lead to discoveries quite important on mental well being. In fact, a lot of people already take their daily amount of music to reach a specific objective. Boost morale, energy, relax, meditate, study, chill or simply adding to the ambiance, many are the reasons to listen to music. Another observation would be that it helps people to commune is some way. To see others react to music in a way that gives us the impression that is the same as our own reactions make us feel connected. Again, as a tribe, we feel that we are a bit more part of the tribe and keep the exclusion away. Does it remind you something?


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