Music, one of the most ancient arts of humanity. What makes music so special for us? Today I’m going to explore this thought. As incredible it may be, according to Wikipedia[i], the Divje Babe flute[ii], a flute shaped instrument carved from a cave bear femur, is thought to be at least 40,000 years old. If it was true, it would be possibly the world's oldest known musical instrument. Impressive right? In my last Daily thought, I talked to you about our tribal behavior. Music plays an important role in group manifestation. For many years now, music had an important cultural aspect that triggers our deepest belonging need[iii]. Another interesting aspect is the association of music and dance. These two forms of expression have always been good friends, but we’ll think about that another day. In addition, music has also its very personal effect. Listening to music helps us recall emotions related to moments we can associate with a song or a melody. Our more precious gift, our imagination, can even create emotion from fantasies we build in reaction to our life.


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