#ThingsWeShouldTalkAbout #WorldRadioDay

Why do we need to exchange with others

Well, I know that today’s tag should be #WorldRadioDay, but I don’t feel it. I prefer to jump in this other topic that is about the exchange of ideas. Ready to hear my point? Interactions with others are essential in the learning process. We first learned by mimetic, and then we understood how to conform to the tribe by watching others react to our own actions, adapting ourselves and creating some form of social standard. We can learn a lot by studying other forms of life behaviours1. Let's add to that some primitive language and its evolution. Then came graphics communication, expanding the potential audience to an indirect public. And so on, until technology arrived to expand this range to the whole planet, as long as you have a device to receive and/or send a communication. But what is it all about? Why do we need so hard to expand these frontiers? Having the means doesn’t help us with the object of the communication itself. Things that we should talk about are legion, but knowing the objective to achieve and to realize that today’s exchanges miss their target, we should better say, #How Should We Talk About Those Things We Should Talk About.


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i https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animal_communication