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Why does love matter that much

How to skip this one? Valentine’s day is now an institution i. If you are in relation or not, you will feel its impact anyway. But why is this so important? Let’s think about it. Even if Valentine’s day has its fully armored commercial side with all its massive retail consumption, it remains powered by something greater than it looks. Under the cover lies a passionate source of energy called love. But what it love? Love can be defined in many ways and depending on the relation we are talking about. In my own words, I would define it as the sum of emotional states that occurs due to a differential between the idea someone creates of having something and the idea that this same person makes of the possibility to realize this situation. Well, it sounds a bit mathematical but still, if you can think about it, I feel that it’s quite correct. As love can take many forms, this definition would stick to the most passionate form of it. I like this definition because it applies to many layers of our motivational model ii. What do you think about it?


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