Today, unlike my last two posts (see here and here), I don’t have a national day to write about. So let me talk to you about these two hashtags. Do you know why they are important today? Let’s dive into this. Human is a tribal animal. Unfortunately, nature didn’t give us that much to defend ourselves against threats. The world is a dangerous place and something living forms do to protect their life and continuation from aggression is grouping. Living as a group makes us stronger. It merely compensates for the lack of an exoskeleton or other super weapons. But being part of a tribe requires some interactions and these exchanges with others members of the community take many forms. One of them is conformity[i] behavior. This is why we are always looking for validation from the group to avoid at all price exclusion that would, in our deepest feeling, gamble our effort to survival. This include our deepest physiological needs[ii] and security needs[iii].


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[i] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conformity

[ii] http://solomotivation.com

[iii] http://solomotivation.com


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