Human, with its logical appetite, need to give a name to concepts. This obsession, applied to human itself, led to several behaviors that are impossible to explain today. Let’s see what it is all about. As always, on a human existence scale, it is quite recent that civilizations adopted the right to vote for women[i]. This is the kind of historical fact that makes the evolution of thought difficult to trace back and makes us feel totally disconnected from this past. Who could believe that the world was such a place not so long ago? What is totally natural today was unthinkable a century ago. It is obvious that we are no longer able to find a path leading to this place, a kind of non-return option. The reason is that there is no logic behind it. Group thinking and behavior[ii] is a complex system that reacts to many factors, sometimes logical, sometimes emotional, but certainly chaotic. That said, it is now time to leave that beta version of humanity with all its fails and bugs behind and move forward to the next versions that promise so much more. Our remaining task is to prevent us from discrimination of any kind in these future release.


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[i] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women%27s_suffrage

[ii] http://solomotivation.com